Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Visitation (written 10/16/03)

I saw a vision

the sky dark

yet still afternoon

where is the great Light

that brightens the day?

nowhere to be found...

the lightning flashes

before me, a crimson mass,

possibly a face

beyond recognition

another strike of light

confirms human countenance

----------who are you?

soaked with perspiration

bruised and beaten

naked and striped

----------are you alive?

suspended, on display

outstretched palms

reaching for the unreached

I tune my ears

to the silence of the Lamb

laboring for every breath

now closer to death

----------who did this to you?

darkness returns

the earth seems to quake

with another bolt

the red-caked eyes

are opening

blinking away blood

and tears

flames of pain

----------what is your name?

cracked swollen lips quiver

thunder, the only reply

lightning bolts revolt

darkness has pierced the Sun

the clouds now diminish

I can no longer see...

----------It is finished.

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