Friday, June 26, 2009

Resting on Shabbat

Another Shabbat (Sabbath) is almost here. It is amazing to me how much significance G-d puts on honoring the Shabbat in the Scriptures, and how he speaks to hearts even today about that significance. I would love to go into more detail in a later blog about Shabbat and its mention in G-d's word, but for now I just wanted to post this quote I received in an email from because it is short and simple and gets to the heart of G-d's command to rest on Shabbat. In my own family life, I am still in the process of uncovering the layers of the beauty of the Sabbath and how to truly keep and guard it as holy. It has been a wonderful journey thus far, and I look forward to sharing more of it with you. Until then, let's rest...

"Exodus 23:12 "And on the seventh day you shall rest"
Look at a globe or a map and spot an island.
Do you see that bold brown patch of land amidst the surrounding blue water area?
It is clearly visible, existing peacefully and calmly, while the waves fling themselves against its sandy beaches.
The seventh day of the week - Shabbat - can be compared to an island.
Not a geographical one, but rather an "island in time."
The days before and the following week are busy and full of weekday activity. They are like those tossing waves in the sea. Shabbat is like that peaceful island.
We are commanded to stop all our work and rest on Shabbat.
On Shabbat, we do not concern nor involve ourselves in our weekday work and occupations."

How do you honor the Sabbath?

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