Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apparently, I have a publisher...

Just a book project update. My Rabbi just told me that when my book is finished, his friend/publisher in Israel will publish it! Baruch HaShem! Praise G-d! This is very exciting news for me, and I am even more inspired to continue the work. Because the project that I posted on here (Click on the post entitled "My Book Project") will probably take a while (months, years, I don't know??), I have already started putting together a more devotional type book, covering the same topics, that will take less time and research. Please continue to pray for this undertaking and please comment on the writing and answer the questions that I post, even if you choose to remain anonymous. Also, list any good books that you've read dealing with women's issues. Feel free to forward my blog address to all of your female friends as well! Thank you! -- Joanna

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