Thursday, September 17, 2009

can you hear it?

As I look forward to hearing the shofar sound tomorrow evening (or perhaps sooner), I can almost hear the sound ringing in my ears already. I would have to say that the shofar's (ram's horn) call has become one of my favorite sounds in the world. I still remember viewing a movie about Moses and my favorite part was when G-d sounded His shofar from Mt. Sinai and the people ran and trembled with fear. It was that movie that helped me better understand the power of G-d, made me long to hear G-d blow the shofar... and I will hear that one day.

The first Rosh Hashanah service I attended where there were two shofars being blown simultaneously was unforgettable. It was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have had. The power and sheer volume of the deep, strong blasts left me trembling with tears streaming down my cheeks...imagining what it will like on that day when we hear the shofar of G-d calling us to Himself. Perhaps tomorrow...

"There are things that are important to us, so we speak about them.
There are things so important to us that the words flow out in a burst of emotion, rich words, expressive and vibrant.
And then there are things that shake us to the core. Things that do not care for the mind's permission or for the right words—for the mind cannot fathom them, the most poignant words could not contain them. Things that can only break out in a cry, in a scream, and then in silence.
This is the sound of the shofar: The very core of our souls crying, "Father! Father!"

-Tzvi Freeman

Come, L-rd Yeshua.

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