Tuesday, August 10, 2010

why my posts will probably be shorter...

Shalom! Wow, I really miss blogging...

Having returned from seven weeks away from home, I'm in the process of getting back on our family schedule, getting our home back in order, and chasing my ever-so-close-to-two-year-old daughter!

In the next year (or however long it takes), I plan to become more serious about writing and publishing a devotional book for messianic women, which is why I started this blog! So if my posts become shorter and fewer, it's because I don't want to post everything that will be in the book... if I do, what's the point of writing the book, right?? So please be patient as I struggle to get these words out of my head and where I really desire them to be.... in a book, in your hands....

Be blessed, and keep reading!



  1. I cannot wait until your book is published! This is exciting!

  2. Thanks Lina! Keep praying for me to set aside time and make the effort that it takes to write this book! I am very excited about it too! And I will be supporting you when you write your first book... :) You are an excellent writer and a great example for younger women & girls!

  3. Wow, that's great! I also want to write a book for messianic children, but I'm banging my head against the wall looking for messianic publishers. I'll be praying for you to find all the right words.

  4. Heidi- I know there aren't a lot of messianic publishers! My Rabbi has connections with a publisher in Israel, so I will let you know how that goes... :)