Wednesday, June 30, 2010

why so jewish?

The four words that have often come in some form or another to many of us in a conversation (or a rebuke)... "but you're not Jewish..."

My response to this always comes down to one simple fact: The Messiah was Jewish, I belong to Him, and I just want to be like Him. If G-d had chosen to send the Messiah into 20th century China instead of 1st century Israel, then I suspect that I would be more engrossed in Chinese history and culture. But He didn't...

Just as it was in Yeshua's day, the "spiritual segregation" of Jews and Gentiles (I prefer the terms Hebrews and non-Hebrews) is still going on in messianic congregations and gatherings today. The notion that non-Hebrew believers (like myself) are second-class citizens in the Kingdom G-d, and therefore they are not required to keep the Torah because it doesn't belong to them, is very prevalent... even causing a highly respected ministry organization to change their view and recant their position on this sensitive subject.

This issue has been on my mind and heart lately, as I have had the opportunity to hear for myself an individual who, in his Shabbat message, entirely excluded non-Hebrews from his teaching about observing Torah. He successfully left me and my husband feeling offended, hurt, and less than inspired as he proclaimed that Jewish believers are being led to keep the Torah by the Spirit of G-d (which is true, but what about me? Do I have the "Gentile Holy Spirit"? Is there not one Spirit of G-d?)

I am in the process of researching for the post that could be (from my vantage point) the post of all posts: the relationship between non-Hebrew believers and the Torah of G-d. This is a subject very near and dear to my heart... and perhaps yours too.

As a side note, I am enjoying my "vacation" in sunny South Florida, staying with my Rabbi and his family, and catching up with everyone that I have missed terribly this past six months. It is amazing to be back in my "home" congregation, where visitors have a hard time distinguishing between the "Jews" and the "Gentiles"... I suppose it will be like that also in the Kingdom of G-d, when ALL of His children sit at His feet, learning and doing Torah... just like Yeshua.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful day that will be :D At the Father's feet! I can't wait.

    I look forward to your upcoming post!

  2. Oh, this is definitely an issue near and dear to my heart. I look forward to reading your post about it.

  3. Thank you for writing this post. As a non-Hebrew, I've experienced the alienation and hurt that comes from not being accepted in some Messianic circles. I've had countless people tell me that the Torah is only for the Jews, and that I as a Gentile need only keep the Four Prohibitions as listed in Acts 15.

    Tim Hegg of wrote an excellent assessment of the "Divine Invitation" teaching that you alluded to. It's so sad and disappointing that such a well known ministry would all of the sudden change their position to exclude Gentiles from the commonwealth of Israel.

    I look forward to the day when we will all worship as ONE.

  4. While my heart goes out to this particular situation among the body, I believe that to a degree "That Ministry" is addressing some very real issues out there that often being in a small messianic community may hinder us from understanding. We are part of a larger body of people who hold the Torah as their life and code. Who have died and sacrificed for it. And to them there are many challenges to our walk. One being born a Jew. "That Ministry" is not excluding but making an allowance for us all. Because they come from a "Messianic Judaism" background there observance runs along the lines of Judaism's traditions and customs. This is important when you are in a Jewish community or participating in one. It would be a lie according to what they believe for us to say we are Jews if we weren't born or etc. This is real, not imaginary. I have a high respect for "That Ministry" because they are being honest in grappling with alot of issues.There are a great many people out there who do not consider Messianic Judaism for them and have taken Torah on their terms and understanding. Are they not also the body? So, I am not trying to defend but to say that it is important that we understand the whole of it and not just the parts. He will establish one body, exactly what part will that be? Judaism, karaites, messianics, Torah Observers? There are a lot of issues and questions and we are all doing the best we can.
    And in no way is this one of "those" comments!! But I do have a spot in my heart for the complexities of raising our children in a very Jewish way only for them to discover later on, (given that we don't explain it) that in Judaism we are illegal so to speak. There is a certain group that is training people how to detect a "fake Jew"= the "Messianics" because somehow they have infiltrated the line. LOL While I laugh, this is serious and they view us as if we are trying to convert their children. It's not pretty and this is now in 2010. We must be open to talk and understand the complexities of the time we live in and the journey HaShem has called us to. Does it matter Yes, when people look at us they think we are Jews and represent that specific people. Imagine the amount of people who don't even stop to ask.

    So all this to say that while we can bat for whatever team, there are some real issues that if not us, our children will face. Unless we all move to pieces of land and worship at home. And steer clear of Jewish communities!! LOL

    All of this said with true love and humility, there is none of that smarty pantsness in me. I have cried over these issues and what is happening.

    May HaShem help us all and teach us the way we should go.

    B'zrat HaShem!!

    With Love

  5. There are some very serious issues to grapple with indeed, and I probably don't know enough to even scratch the surface. I also have a high regard for any ministry that upholds the Torah and the Messiah, Yeshua. Only when we sit and learn at His feet will we truly know and understand all that we got right... and all that we got wrong. I try to never (Bizrat HaShem) deceive anyone into thinking I am something that I am not. I can never change who G-d made me to be. None of us have chosen our families, our ethnicities, etc. I just want to know and claim what G-d has said is mine, namely His Torah. My heart is broken both when I am not accepted by the Jewish community and also when I am not accepted by the believing community as a whole for my lifestyle and worship of HaShem. But my hope lies that one day, Yeshua will reign as King Messiah and He will clear up all of our misunderstandings... I certainly don't have it all figured out, and am striving to approach this subject with humility and tenderness. Pray for me!! Thank you all for your comments!

  6. Amen, I absolutely agree with you and when I go to New York to visit family, if you are willing we can get together for coffee and share the challenges as well as the victory. Of course if your willing. LOL

    Shalom Angelique

    p.s equally keep me in your prayers as I think we all want to rightly divide the word of HaShem and say it with wisdom and love. Or even just for ourselves and our posterity.